Dr. Dmytro Rewilak


Dr. Rewilak is a registered psychologist with over 35 years of experience in the practice of clinical neuropsychology and clinical psychology. He brings significant breadth of knowledge and experience to Toronto Brain Health where he has been an associate psychologist since 2018. His focus at TBH is on: a) comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessments of adults of all ages, with a particular focus on older adults and b) targeted cognitive intervention individualized to client needs, with a focus on treatment of executive and memory dysfunction.

Dr. Rewilak spent over 33 years at Baycrest Health Sciences providing neuropsychological and psychological services to individuals with cognitive disturbances resulting from illnesses such as dementia, cerebrovascular disease, traumatic brain injury, and depression. In addition to diagnostic neuropsychological assessments, his services included group and individual psychotherapy, and staff and family education about the effect of cognitive disorders on daily functioning and ways to manage these effects.  


At Baycrest, Dr. Rewilak co-developed the Kaplan-Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment (KBNA), an individually administered test of neuropsychological functioning that assists in diagnosis of the causes of cognitive disorders and is useful for treatment planning and monitoring. He also developed the Training of Executive Attention program, a cognitive rehabilitation intervention for adults with impairments in executive functions that can be delivered on a group or individual basis. Preliminary evaluations of TEA have shown that it results in reduced frequency of executive problems (e.g., failures to accomplish intended tasks, lapses of attention) in everyday life.


In addition to working at Baycrest, Dr. Rewilak maintained a private practice that included clinical, medico-legal, independent medical examination, and catastrophic impairment determination neuropsychological assessments.