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Cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety, depression, insomnia

Healthy aging and dementia

We provide assessment and therapy for older adults and seniors dealing with psychological issues or cognitive symptoms related to normal aging or early dementia. Our services include cognitive behaviour therapy for many psychological conditions and cognitive remediation for memory, attention and other cognitive abilities. We also help middle aged adults understand and better cope with changes in their psychological and/or cognitive health and offer therapy and support to family members of individuals living with dementia. 

Our services include the following :

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy for older adults 65+ experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health issues. 

  • Cognitive remediation and support for older workers who want to maintain their edge

  • Assessment and screening for middle aged adults worried about cognitive changes 

  • Memory screens for older adults wondering if their memory changes are normal

  • Assessment and therapy for people at risk of dementia (acquired brain injury involving stroke or multiple concussions are examples of risk factors for dementia).

  • Cognitive remediation and psychological therapy for people living with dementia

  • Therapy and support for family members of individuals with dementia. 

  • Neuropsychological assessments for cognitive decline (neurological conditions)

It is normal to experience some cognitive changes with age. We can help you understand what changes to expect with normal aging and what constitutes greater than expected change; including changes of a mild nature, referred to as  mild cognitive impairment, and of a more significant nature representative of dementia.

Cognitive Aging Continuum