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Psychological Health

We provide assessment and psychological therapy for a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, trauma or PTSD, insomnia and others. All therapy approaches we use are evidence based, meaning that they have been shown to be clinically effective through extensive research for particular conditions. While we predominantly provide cognitive behaviour therapy, an approach shown to be effective by a vast number of research studies for many different conditions, although the exact method may differ across conditions, we also use other complimentary evidence-based approaches to further enhance your progress or which have been shown to be effective for specific conditions (e.g., Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma and PTSD, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Emotion Focused Therapy and Client-Centered Therapy).  

Our services include assessment and therapy for the following:

  • Anxiety including social anxiety, performance anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, health anxiety, and others.

  • Problems with low mood or depression

  • Obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders (OCD)

  • Recent trauma or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

  • Insomnia or difficulties sleeping 

  • Problems with skin picking or hair pulling

  • Coping with or adjusting to disability 

  • Stress related to work, school, recent retirement or other life changes or circumstances

  • Stress related to providing care to an individual with concussion, acquired brain injury, dementia or a chronic health condition

  • People experiencing persistent post-concussion symptoms (see concussion treatment)

  • Individuals dealing with both psychological and neurological conditions (concussion, brain injury, dementia)

  • Chronic pain or headaches

  • Somatic symptom disorder


Psychological Assessment

For clients interested in receiving treatment we typically provide a brief psychological evaluation as part of the initial consultation which may include diagnoses. The first appointment lasts between 60-90 minutes. The purpose of the initial consultation is to get a better understanding of your psychological health, circumstances and challenges, and from there determine the best treatment approach for you. 


We also offer more comprehensive psychological assessments.  If you are also dealing with a brain injury or neurological condition, a psychological assessment may be combined with a neuropsychological evaluation, to get a complete picture of your cognitive and psychological health. The type of assessment you receive will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. 


Psychological Treatment

Therapy is informed by careful assessment of your mental health including diagnosis of any psychological conditions and/or identifying personal challenges that you would like to work on. The assessment findings are then used to determine treatment approaches proven to work for your difficulties. At Toronto Brain Health we primarily use cognitive behaviour therapy and complementary approaches. Many psychological conditions can be effectively treated or improved with cognitive behaviour therapy within 8 to 20 sessions.