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Video therapy: Help during the shifting landscape of COVID-19

Updated: Jun 26

We are living in very challenging times, with many people reporting difficulties with their mental health, citing increases in anxiety, low mood and overall stress. A recent survey by Angus Reid indicated that as many as half of Canadians are reporting a deterioration in their psychological health during the pandemic. This is all made more complicated by the fact that accessing help through the usual channels can be difficult or simply not available.

Thanks to teletherapy, you can now get the help that you need from Toronto Brain Health. Whether you are in the GTA or in Northern Ontario you can access psychological services from the convenience of your home or wherever you have an internet connection.

We provide psychological services for adults (ages 18+) including individuals requiring services through the WSIB Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) or following a motor vehicle accident (MVA) via insurance claims. Services include psychological evaluation, development of a treatment plan and therapy for many psychological conditions including (but not limited to):

· Depression

· Anxiety (including health anxiety)

· Stress and coping

· Trauma/PTSD

· Post- concussion symptom management and recovery (including for headache and physical symptoms).

Services are currently being provided entirely online using secure platforms which are compliant with the Personal Health Information Privacy Act (PHIPA) including:

Video conferencing service:

· User friendly, secure platform accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

· Ability to exchange instant messages and share files with your psychologist during the video call.

Client portal:

· Secure messaging with your psychologist, the ability to exchange files and complete assessment and progress forms in a secure and confidential manner.

· Seamless integration with our in-person clinic standards but better...it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

We also offer sessions by phone

If you or someone you know is dealing with mental health difficulties, contact Toronto Brain Health to schedule a consultation with one of our neuropsychologists.


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