Full Service List

We provide assessment and therapy services to adults (18 - 90+ years). Many of our services are also available online through video therapy. Although we are physically located in Toronto we can provide many services online to individuals living anywhere in Ontario. 



Cognitive rehabilitation interventions:

  • Attention enhancement strategies

  • Strategies for enhancing memory for new information

  • Mobile technologies and apps to enhance memory functioning and learning

  • Return to school strategies (for adults aged 18+)

  • Return to work strategies

  • Specialized training in smartphone use/apps for moderate to severe memory impairment

  • Way-finding

  • Prioritizing/planning

  • Procrastination

  • Goal management

  • Problem solving

Psychological treatment approaches

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Client-Centered Therapy

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

  • Emotion Focused Therapy

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

  • Strategic Solution Focused Therapy

Concussion physiotherapy treatment approaches

  • Sub-threshold cardiovascular exercise (physical exertion training), informed by the treadmill test for autonomic function 

  • Vestibular rehabilitation, which can include gaze stabilization, habituation exercises, and canalith repositioning maneuvers

  • Proprioceptive and balance training

  • Cervical spine rehabilitation

  • Individualized exercise prescription for progressive strength and mobility training

  • Integration of systems to work on higher-level functioning

Neurological conditions (not an exhaustive list)

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Aneurysm rupture

  • Anoxic or hypoxic brain injury (oxygen deprivation due to cardiac arrest, drowning, suicide attempt, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

  • Arterial venous malformation (AVM)

  • Brain tumor

  • Cerebral infection/abscess

  • Cerebrovascular disease

  • Chemo fog/brain

  • Concussion

  • Fronto-temporal dementia

  • Healthy aging cognitive complaints

  • Herpes encephalitis

  • HIV encephalopathy

  • Lupus

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Post-concussion syndrome

  • Primary Progressive Aphasia

  • Seizure disorder

  • Stroke

  • Traumatic brain injury – mild, moderate, severe

  • Vascular Cognitive Impairment

  • Viral Encephalitis

  • Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Psychological conditions (not an exhaustive list)

  • Adjustment to and coping with life/health changes

  • Assertiveness

  • Anxiety

    • Panic disorder

    • Agoraphobia

    • Social Anxiety

    • Social anxiety secondary to medical condition

    • Generalized anxiety disorder

    • Health anxiety

    • Specific phobias

  • Care partner stress / burden

  • Depression

  • Insomnia / sleep difficulties

  • Mind-body syndrome / medically unexplained symptoms

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

  • Pain

  • Perfectionism

  • Post-concussive syndrome

  • PTSD/trauma

  • Somatic symptom disorder

  • Stress