We provide comprehensive independent neuropsychological and psychological examinations, as well as treatment services (psychological therapy and cognitive rehabilitation), to third party clients including disability insurers, employers, auto insurers (through HCAI) and WSIB. We offer objective medicolegal assessments and catastrophic determinations (under criteria 4, 7 and 8) for plaintiff and defense legal counsel. Our evaluations and treatment are informed by evidence-based practice guidelines and research. Toronto Brain Health is a registered treatment provider with WSIB under the Community Mental Health Program. We are also registered with HCAI. 

Why choose Toronto Brain Health for independent medical evaluations? 

We offer independent evaluation for a range of psychological and neurological conditions. We follow the latest guidelines and etiology / population-based research on use and interpretation of symptom and performance-based validity measures. Medicolegal evaluations are only provided by doctoral-level psychologists with certification in medicolegal expertise, CMLE (ON) and/ or in the assessment for Catastrophic Impairment – Mental Behavioural, C-CAT (MB), through the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators / Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment (CSME-CAPDA). Regardless of the reason for referral, your clients will be treated with respect and care.

We are particularly knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessments. Our doctoral level psychologists have, at minimum, dual registration in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. We evaluate the impact of many contributing factors on a person's clinical profile and provide well informed diagnoses, related functional impairments, prognoses, return to work recommendations including accommodations and restrictions, as well as return to work plans.  

  • We assess and treat adults across the lifespan (18-90+ years) and can determine whether or not neurodegenerative processes may be a contributing factor to an individual's clinical profile. It is important to rule out a neurodegenerative process in older adults (e.g., 60+ years) who present with cognitive impairment or late onset / worsening of psychological symptoms. 

  • We have extensive experience providing both assessment and treatment services to individuals with single and multiple concussions, recent and remote injuries, comorbid psychological and/or neurological conditions and chronic pain. We treat a high volume of individuals who are experiencing concussion with persistent symptoms in our clinical practice. Our clinical experience gives us the added advantage of having in-depth clinical knowledge pertaining to the psychological and psychosocial barriers to recovery, impact of brain-related and non-pathological factors on day-to-day functioning, employment and prognosis. We are therefore able to make well informed recommendations for needed treatment. 

  • We keep up with the latest evidence and guidelines on concussion management in the scientific literature and we are invited speakers on the topic of concussion and brain injury at conferences, university courses on rehabilitation, and educational presentations to insurers and healthcare professionals. 

Why choose Toronto Brain Health for third party treatment services? 

Toronto Brain Health offers a range of clinical services to individuals coping with psychological and/or neurological difficulties. Our referral network is broad and includes physicians, allied health professionals, community and executive health clinics, hospital and rehabilitation centre programs, third party insurers, lawyers and self-referrals from the community. Individuals referred to us by third party sources benefit from our breadth of services and knowledge. We have significant experience and/or strengths in the following areas:

  • Provision of treatment informed by the latest research in neuroscience, rehabilitation and psychological therapy. We are further innovative in the application of evidence-based treatment in targeting barriers to recovery and return to sport, day-to-day functioning and work, as applicable to the nature of injury or medical condition.

  • Doctoral level psychologists with dual registration in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. 

  • Treatment of barriers to recovery for individuals experiencing concussion with persistent symptoms, a typically hard to treat population, where we have a good track record of success. 

  • Treatment of chronic pain (e.g., headaches, physical symptoms, medically unexplained symptoms, low exertion, stress or exposure tolerances) and / or guidance in coping with/ adjusting to chronic conditions.

  • Treatment of many psychological and neurological conditions.

  • Provision of psychological therapy (e.g., CBT, ACT, CPT, EFT, others) and cognitive rehabilitation (e.g., memory, attention, planning). 

  • Treatment of individuals injured in the workplace or personal injury due to other causes (e.g., motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, assaults, etc.).  

  • Return to work preparation (hardening), planning and guidance. 

  • Determination of readiness for return to work and creation of return to work plans for insurers and employers.

  • Treatment of adults across the life span (18 - 90+ years).

Please give us a call to discuss your referral needs.